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Fishing for Cobia in Everglades National Park


Although they are not usually associated with Everglades fishing, the Cobia is another species of fish found in this area. A few Cobias are caught each year in the inshore area of the Everglades, but most of the fish are caught on nearshore and offshore structures. Cobia can be found daisy chaining around navigation markers along the coast or swimming in schools around some of our offshore structures.

Cobias are a large-bodied heavy fish that fight hard and never seem to give up. These fish average 20 to 35 pounds with an occasional fish going over 60. Landing one while still green can result in serious damage to your boat, fishing tackle and the anglers on board.

Cobia feed on a variety of live baits. Pinfish, pilchards, menhaden, mullet, crabs and even catfish are prime baits for Cobia. They can also be taken on large artificial baitfish type lures, large feathered jigs, plastic eels and my favorite, large topwater plugs. There’s nothing more exciting than watching a big Cobia chase down a big topwater chugger, knock it completely out of the water and then inhale it when it comes down.

Florida Record:

103 lbs. 12 oz.

IGFA World Record:

135 lbs. 9 oz.

Best Times to Fish for Cobia in the Everglades:

March through November are prime months for Cobia. Their spawning season starts in the spring and runs through the early summer.

Florida Cobia Regulations

Limits: One fish per angler. Fish must measure 33 inches to the fork of the tail.

Closed Season: Cobia can be caught and kept year-round.

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