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Fishing for Permit in Everglades National Park


Permit is another species that is not usually associated with Everglades fishing. Unlike the fish caught in the Florida Keys up on the shallow flats, the majority of the Permit fishing done here is offshore near structure. Permit can be caught here year round; however the larger schools of fish (2 to 100 or more fish to a school) show up in the Spring and Summer.

The Permit has a large dorsal fin shaped like a sickle that can be seen from a great distance when the fish are cruising on the surface. The Permit we catch in the Florida Everglades area can range is size from two to fifty pounds. The average fish caught are in the fifteen to twenty-five pound range. Permit feed primarily on live crabs and shrimp, but can also be taken on jigs and flies. Once hooked, this powerful fish can make extremely long runs, sometimes forcing the Captain to chase the fish down with the boat.

Florida Record:

51 lbs. 8 oz.

IGFA World Record:

60 lbs. 0 oz.

Best Times to Fish for Permit in the Everglades:

The large schools of Permit start to show up when the water temperature starts to get back up in the eighties. This can happen as early as April and will continue all the way through October.

Florida Permit Regulations

Limits: Six fish per day per angler eleven to twenty inches. One of the six can measure over 20 inches.

Closed Season: Permit can be caught and kept year round.

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