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Fishing for Redfish in Everglades National Park


The Redfish is another premier species found in the Everglades. Also known as Red Drum, these fish are found throughout the Everglades, from the outside bars all the way to the backcountry. Redfish are primarily an inshore species until they reach about 30 inches (approx. 4 years), when they leave the estuaries, migrating offshore to join the spawning population. Spawning occurs from August to November in the near shore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. During the spawning periods, it is not uncommon to find huge schools of these large fish cruising up and down the coast.

Inshore the Redfish feeds on small baitfish and a variety of crustacean’s found around oyster bars, on grass flats and in the mangrove roots. The Redfish’s diet makes them easy targets with artificial lures, live baits such as shrimp and small baitfish and a variety of flies. Artificial lures like small bucktail jigs, lead head shad baits and soft plastic jerk baits work well around the bars and bushes. Live baits are fished under popping corks or rigged with a sinker and fished on the bottom. Even though the Redfish is primarily a bottom feeder, they will also eat topwater lures over shallow bars and grassflats.

The fish we catch inshore vary in size from small juveniles of a pound or so to more mature fish of five to fifteen pounds. There is a slot limit in the Florida, so a keeper fish could range from three to nine pounds.

Florida Record:

51 lbs. 8 oz.

IGFA World Record:

94 lbs. 2 oz.

Best Times to Fish for Redfish in the Everglades:

Redfish are found throughout the Everglades year round. I find the best months for larger fish are March through November. The colder months of the year produce some smaller fish, however when the fish are found schooled up in the holes you can catch a lot of fish. Also, during the spawn (August through November) it is possible to find those big fish cruising just offshore.

Florida Redfish Regulations

Slot Limits: 18 to 27 inches - Anglers are allowed one fish per person within the slot.

Closed Season: Redfish can be caught and kept year round.

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