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Cobia bite is "ON" south of the Everglades

Report Date: November 20, 2010

On Monday and Wednesday of this week I fished Robert and Carol of Oklahoma. Robert had seen a show on TV about the Cobia fishing in Southwest Florida and had come down to Chokoloskee to check it out. We left the dock early Monday morning to search for some bait. I had seen some pilchards inshore a few days earlier and decided to see if they were still there. When we got to the spot, I could see the bait flipping on the surface, and after a few throws with the net we had plenty of bait. We still had a couple of hours of incoming tide so I told Robert that we should try to catch a few redfish before going offshore. We fished a couple of spots and caught lots of small reds, a couple of keepers and a small snook. The tide slacked, so we decided to move offshore to look for the cobia. When I got to my first spot, I shut the motor down and drifted across site looking for fish on the surface. We saw two fish, but they moved off before we could make a cast at them. We anchored there and started chumming with the live pilchards. After an hour or so, we had hooked to fish on a topwater chugger. Robert hooked both fish but after a short battle, the hooks pulled and he lost them. There were not a lot fish showing up, so after an hour or so we decided to move to another spot. Our new destination was holding a lot of fish, and a lot of sharks as well. Since this is a large structure, I decided to drift over it rather than anchor. This would also allow us to try and get our hooked fish away from the structure (and the sharks) as quickly as possible. There were a lot of fish there that day, we hooked eight fish, the largest was in the 50 to 60 pound range and all were eaten by Bull Sharks. At days end, Robert was 0 for 10.
On Wednesday we headed out again, hoping we could find the fish on another structure I know to the south. This spot usually doesn’t hold a lot of sharks so I figured it would be our best shot at landing one. Again, we were able to get bait early and headed to our first spot. We anchored on the structure and started chumming. It wasn’t long before we had fish surfacing around the boat. Robert hooked the first fish and fought it to the boat. The fish looked short, so I got it on the boga grip lifted him in the boat to measure him. He measured 32 inches, some we took a couple of pictures and released it. Robert had finally gotten his first Cobia. We stayed there a couple more hours. Robert caught five big fish (15 to 40 lbs) and several short fish, Carol caught two and we didn’t lose any to the sharks. Finally, my plan came together…..
These fish should stay here until the cold fronts start to move through and drop the water temperature. Hopefully we can get a couple more weeks of Cobia fishing….

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