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Fishing for Tarpon in Everglades National Park


The Tarpon (aka Silver King) is one of the largest fish caught in the Everglades. The juvenile fish found in the backwater estuaries can range from a pound upwards to fifty pounds and are easily taken on light spinning tackle and fly tackle. The fish in the rivers, bays and along the Gulf shores are a different story. These fish are much larger, a percentage of these fish will push the scales into triple digits.

When hooked the Tarpon puts on an aerial display that is absolutely unbelievable. Leaping completely out of the water with its gills flared and rattling, its body twisting, using every trick he can to break free of the line that attaches him to the angler. The Tarpon is powerful enough to jump as high as 5 or 6 feet out of the water time after time and then sound into the depths where the battle might continue on for hours.

Live baitfish such as mullet and threadfin herrings are excellent baits for Tarpon, however they will also eat very large live shrimp and crabs. Large artificial lures that imitate baitfish work well, along with large soft plastic baits and large flies.

Florida Record:

243 lbs.

IGFA World Record:

286 lbs. 9 oz.

Best Times to Fish for Tarpon in the Everglades:

In the Everglades, Tarpon season can start as early as March and continue through June. During the hotter months of summer, fish can be found early in the morning and late in the evening in the river and passes that feed the glades. August and September can also produce good numbers of fish.

Florida Tarpon Regulations

Limits: Anglers are allowed to keep to fish a day, however a $ 50.00 harvest tag must be purchased prior to capture.

Closed Season: Tarpon can be caught in Florida year round

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